Cottonseed hulls as a feed for sheep. (Short Communication)

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dc.contributor Davis, JJ
dc.contributor Leng, RA 2012-02-01T02:58:15Z 2012-02-01T02:58:15Z 1989
dc.description.abstract COTTONSEED HULLS AS A FEED FOR SHEEP J.J. Davis* and R.A. Leng* Cottonseed hulls, that part of the cottonseed head that is left after the cotton and meat have been extracted, is normally considered to be a very low quality feed for ruminants. The results of two recent trials have shown that it is capable of supporting moderate growth rates in sheep (see Table) - When a small amount of bypass protein was added to the diet of cottonseed hulls\urea\50g lucerne and vitamin\minerals the.growth rate of lambs exceeded 130 g/d. Liveweight (Lwt) change, feed intake, feed conversion efficiency (FCE) and wool growth rate of lambs given a diet of cottonseed hulls with or without bypass protein Investigation of the rumens of these animals showed that protozoa were either eliminated (Expt 1) or in very low population densities (Expt 2). It has been shown (Bird 1988) that reducing protozoa numbers has a significant positive effect on the availability of microbial protein and on liveweight change and wool growth rates. These could be reasons why cottonseed hulls support such reasonable growth rates even without supplementation with bypass protein. Intake of cottonseed hulls by sheep is higher than would be expected of a 40% digestible feed and this is possibly associated with a rapid breakdown of the indigestible material in the rumen. BIRD, S.H. (1988) In The Roles of Protozoa and Fungi in Ruminant Digestion. (1988) [J.V. Nolan, R.A. Leng, D.1, Demeyer, editors]. Armidale NSW 2351, Australia: Penambul Books. *Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Nutrition, University-of New England, Armidale, N.S.W. 2351, Australia . 33A
dc.publisher RAAN
dc.title Cottonseed hulls as a feed for sheep. (Short Communication)
dc.type Research
dc.description.version Conference paper
dc.identifier.volume 10 33A

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